Chunhui Donated to Children on June 1

On June 1 Children’s Day, Chunhui Children’s Secretary-General Zhang Zhirong, Deputy Secretary-General Rachel and China Care Home Director Liu Shan, together with two administrators of Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau (BCAB), presented themselves at Beijing Relief Center for the Under-aged for a donation campaign themed “Let Your Dreams Fly; Let Your Future Thrive” and hosted by the Charity Office, BCAB. CH was among five charities that donated 20,000 RMB worth of books, stationary, toys, clothes, and food to the Center. After the donation, the charities enjoyed performances by the children there, threw a group birthday party for them and took photos to mark these loving moments.

BCAB acknowledged the charities’ loving care for the children, and encouraged more charitable commitment and contribution to the needy groups.

CH has been endeavoring to build up social awareness of orphanage children in joint efforts with China Charities Aid Foundation for Children. CH team began serving for vulnerable children in China as early as 1998, and the foundation was registered in Beijing in 2012. Using experience of its overseas sister organization Half the Sky, it recruits and trains local women into full-time Chunhui moms who provides effective, systematic, consistent and professional care for orphaned children. Currently, it runs six programs covering 11,000 children in over 80 welfare institutions and 40 villages. Showered by the nurturing care of Chunhui moms, the children have a second chance at childhood, their lives have been transformed, they survive and thrive, learn to love and be loved. CH was honored with the highest rating of 5A in 2015 Beijing social organizations evaluation.