Leehom Wang visited Chunhui orphans on Chinese New Year’s Eve

Leehom Wang, the Asian super star, has always been enthusiastic in philanthropy since his debut. He travels around the world to visit the vulnerable groups and spends festivals and holidays with orphans as much as possible. On Mother’s Day, 2015, Leehom Wang and his wife Jinglei visited a Chunhui sponsored orphanage with their own hand-made cookies to share with the orphans. On Chinese New Year’s Eve of 2016, the couple kept a low profile and came to Chunhui Children’s medical program—the China Care Home to celebrate Chinese New Year. They bought clothes and toys for the orphans in the program and made dumplings, glutinous rice balls and pasted spring couplets with Chunhui Mamas.

Leehom Wang and Jinglei have cooperated with Chunhui Children on a long-term basis. They chose to spend New Year’s Eve with orphans at the China Care Home. Just like family members, they gave the children clothes and gifts, made dumplings and glutinous rice balls in the kitchen.

Leehom Wang said, “It’s a very meaningful New Year’s Eve and we’re so happy to spend it with the children. Jinglei and I can’t imagine our daughters grow up without family’s care and love. In addition to basically materials, love and care is also very important to orphans.” According to the field staff, in addition to accompanying the children, Leehom and his wife expressed their thanks to Chunhui Mamas on duty one by one, as they stayed behind to take care of the orphans instead of going home to gather with their families. It's really heart-warming!