Chunhui Children has won its first order of government services procurement

In August 2016, Chunhui Children won its first order of government procurement of services. Chunhui Children’s wholly-owned subsidiary – Beijing Care for Children Philanthropy Development Center signed an agreement with Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, valued at 75,000 RMB. According to the contract, Beijing Care for Children Philanthropy Development Center will assist Beijing Civil Affairs to promote “Tomorrow Plan” program in the coming one year, which aims to offer free medical treatment and rehabilitation for medically-fragile orphans. It will also provide professional hospital care and supports for the orphans who are enrolled in the “Tomorrow Plan” program in Beijing area. The order has hit a significant milestone, which marks the relief work on orphans and special needs children in China is gradually in line with international society. In the future, specialized professional NGO will play a more important role in social welfare system.

Chunhui Children’s medical program – the China Care Home—has 66 beds for orphans in need of surgeries and special care. It hires professional “Chunhui Mama” to provide loving round-the-clock pre-, intra- and post-surgical care for the medically fragile children, and cooperate with hospitals to provide individual treatment plans. The China Care Home was founded in May 2009 with the support of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and began to cooperate with “Tomorrow Plan” since 2011. It’s the only partner with Beijing Tomorrow Plan acknowledged by the government. Tomorrow Plan could cover the surgery cost of most children who are enrolled in the China Care Home.

Since 1998, Chunhui Children’s team has been operating its programs in government-run welfare institutions and establishing model children’s centers and provincial training bases. In 2008, the organization became one of the first registered foreign NGOs in China. In 2011, at the invitation of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Chunhui Children’s international partner Half the Sky Foundation launched the national Rainbow Program to officially train and certify every single caregiver in China’s child welfare system. To date, over 11,000 nannies in 679 institutions have undergone our responsive care training, benefiting 55,000 children.