Chunhui Children’s Medical Program awarded “Top Ten Model Programs Offering Assistance to Children with Serious Diseases”

On Nov. 10, 2016, the 4th forum on assistance to children with serious diseases was held in Beijing Guobin Hotel, on which Chunhui Children’s medical program was chosen as one of “Top Ten Model Programs Offering Assistance to Children with Serious Diseases”. The research of this evaluation was initiated by China Philanthropy Research Institute. By analyzing the overall condition of current programs offering assistance to children with serious diseases, the research intended to dig into the effective, innovative and typical assistance model, so as to promote the healthy development of the assistance to children with serious diseases.

This forum was hosted by the Union for Assistance to Children with Serious Diseases while Chunhui Children is one of the six executive chairmen. The theme of the forum is “joint assistance and healthy poverty alleviation”. National Health and Family Planning Commission, China Philanthropy Research Institute, Beijing College of Social Administration and many other relevant departments were invited to the forum and offered their suggestions. The forum also attracted almost one hundred business representatives and charity organizations to attend and discuss. In addition, the forum released “The Analysis Report on the Model of Joint Assistance to Chinese Children with Serious Diseases”, which summarized exploration and experience of assistance to children with serious diseases and appealed to the joint forces of all sectors to take actions as quickly as possible.

Chunhui Children’s medical program – the China Care Home—has 66 beds for orphans in need of surgeries and special care. It hires professional “Chunhui Mama” to provide loving round-the-clock pre-, intra- and post-surgical care for the medically fragile children, and cooperate with hospitals to provide individual treatment plans. The China Care Home was founded in May 2009 with the support of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and began to cooperate with “Tomorrow Plan” since 2011. It’s the only partner with Beijing Tomorrow Plan acknowledged by the government. Tomorrow Plan could cover the surgery cost of most children who are enrolled in the China Care Home.