2016 Ifeng -Chunhui Children Gala

春晖博爱儿童救助公益基金会首席执行官薛一心致辞 Speech by Cindy Lin, CEO of Chunhui Children

Speech by Cindy Lin, CEO of Chunhui Children

Diamond Sponsors Taking Photo with Chunhui Baord Members

A Story of A Chunhui Youth

Live Auction

Performance by Richard Lin You Raise Me Up

Opening Act by Crystal Band

Performance by Qin Yong, Former Main Vocal of Black Leopard Band


2016 Ifeng -Chunhui Children Gala Dinner in Shanghai was a big success. With 360 guests of business elites and celebrities attended, all the donations will help children to receive love from Chunhui Mamas. Their lives will forever be changed and their future will be filled with brightness and love.

In the live auction sessions, the famous host Mr. Qiu Qiming as the auction facilitator, livened up bidding atmosphere. China’s Feitian First Inkstone designed by master sculptor Wu Ligu, Starry Night in Moscow by Mr. Leland Lee, Chinese 12 Colors-Rouge by Chinese Artist Chen Man and other artworks were sold with high prices. Artist Pai Hui, Qin Yong and Crystal Band performed at gala. Asian super star Leehom Wang also delivered his greetings by VCR.

Li Baide, who benefited from Chunhui Youths Program shared his story and how Chunhui helped him. Baide was born with club feet and spinal meningocele, and he had suffered a failed surgery when he was one. Baide became incontinent and stayed mostly in bed. When he was nine, he was abandoned by his parents, and was sent to a local orphanage. Several months later, Baide joined Chunhui Youths Program. Baide said: “There may be difficulties in life, yet there must be love. Chunhui Babas and Chunhui Mamas are helping thousands of children who are forgotten in corners, and giving them love and bright future! Chunhui has made me to know the meaning of love! ” With Chunhui's help, Baide started his career life in Shangshai.

Cindy Lin, CEO of Chunhui Children said: “This year Chunhui turned four years old and, much like our children, we continue to grow under care and love from the community of caring people. IFENG.COM “Forever Happiness” -Chunhui Children 2016 Shanghai Gala is Chunhui’s first partnership with IFENG.COM. This partnership provides us with a great opportunity to spread awareness about the needs of orphaned children and share the love from our friends. And we truly couldn’t do it without you! Chunhui will continue using every single renminbi that you donate to hire and train more professional Chunhui Mamas so they can continue to bring smiles to more children every year. Let’s work together to light up the future of children in need.”