Leehom Wang: Chunhui Children is an invaluable organization

Recently, the super star Leehom Wang was interviewed by PHILANTROPIST of ifeng.com. When talking about Chunhui Children, he said: “Chunhui Children is an invaluable organization. They have been cooperated with 58 welfare institutes, and served 138,000 children. Chunhui Children has been highly recognized by the Chinese government. I would like to cooperate with any organization, which benefits the society and is recognized by the society.

Leehom started to cooperate with Chunhui Children when he becoming a father. He began to understand the importance of a father and the vulnerability of a new born baby.  Then, Leehom and his wife Jinglei visited one welfare institution supported by Chunhui. They were deeply moved by the orphans. “They are innocent and vulnerable. Orphans need wide attention.” Leehom said.

Please view the interview video.