Chunhui’s Strategy

Transforming Operating Model to Broaden Impact with Higher Efficiency

Thanks to the solid foundation that Half the Sky has laid through the ground-breaking Rainbow Program launched in 2011 in partnership with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, by 2014 over 11,000 child welfare institution directors and caregivers were trained in the Half the Sky's approach for providing nurturing care and love personalized to the individual needs of children at different developmental stages. In the past, Half the Sky's focus was operating programs for which the organization recruits, hires, trains, and manages all staff needed to provide individualized care for the children, now many child welfare institutions can mobilize their own local resources to benefit the children.

Therefore, Chunhui Children designed and pioneered a new operating model called the Seed Initiative. Instead of doing everything “in-house” from recruiting, training, and managing the caregivers the Seed Initiative focuses on "planting seeds" by coaching and training caregivers. Interested child welfare institutions apply for the program. Then, a team of highly experienced Chunhui Child Development Experts conduct an initial assessment to determine the specific needs of the institution. Once the funding for the site is secured and an agreement is signed, Chunhui dispatches resources that may include a program director, an officer, senior consultants, program materials and curriculum, etc. Through periodic evaluations, we renew our commitment to the institution annualy for up to three years. By the end of three years, the institution is expected to be able to run the programs on its own so that Chunhui Children can reallocate the resources to other institutions we have not yet reached.