Chunhui Advisory Board Members

Fanlin Zeng

Mr. Fanlin Zeng is currently an associate professor of East China Normal University, consultant of Save the Children Committee, executive director of Shanghai Family Education Research Association, expert of volunteer training during 2008 Paralympics Games held in Beijing. His research areas are related to child psychology and special education, child clinical psychology, child development and care, children's rights and other public policies. Since February 1993, he has assumed professional courses about The Deaf Education, Child Psychology and Special Education (Special Education Introduction), Children Developmental Psychology, Behavioral Disorders of Children and Correction (Psychology and Education for children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders), Psychology and Education for the Hearing Impaired.

Fanlin Zeng graduated from East China Normal University with a bachelor degree (1992) and a master degree (1998) in education.

Jiaxiong Zhu

Jiaxiong Zhu is currently a professor of East China Normal University, vice chairman of China Preschool Education Institution, committee member the Preschool Children Health Education Committee, vice president and secretary general of Shanghai Early Childhood Education Research Association, responsible person of Preschool Society of the Pacific Rim, China mainland. His main areas of research are related to preschool principle, kindergarten curriculum and children’s health. Also, he has assumed some research projects like Objectives of Pre-professional Training, Study and Practice in Specifications and Curriculum Programs (project of Ministry of Education), Experimental Study of Early Childhood Education Reform (Project of Ministry of Education). His major works include Research of Kindergarten Environment and Children Behavior, Piaget's Theory in the Early Education and so on.

Jiaxiong Zhu graduated from East China Normal University, majoring in biology and psychology. He got his master degree in early childhood education from University of Massachusetts.

Jonathan Seliger

Jon first came to China in 1990 as a student in Beijing and has stayed in the region ever since, over the years building several successful businesses, especially in the luxury retail space. From 2005 to 2010 Jon was the Managing Director of Alfred Dunhill, a part of the Richemont Group, where he successfully re-acquired the business from it's distribution partners and built the retail footprint to over 100 boutiques. From 2010-2014, Jon took over the Coach operations in China as President & CEO. During his tenure at Coach, Jon oversaw a period of rapid growth - building the business to over 135 boutiques from just 45 boutiques in less than four years - and growing the brand's position to number two in the country in terms of market share, number one in terms of social media/digital presence, and tripling brand awareness. Jon has been a long time supporter of Half-the-Sky and Chunhui Children and now serves on the charity's Advisory Board in China.

Jon graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Oriental Studies and Chinese language.