Operations and Development Teams

Operations Team

Rachel Xing

General Secretary

“Underprivileged children are our society’s most vulnerable group. As the mother of a beloved daughter, I feel for children deprived of the love of family. Only when children are loved do they learn to love others. My rich experience in program management enables me to identify children’s most important needs, make plans to provide support, and carry out those plans efficiently. In fact, Chunhui Children’s highly efficient and transparent operations are the main reason I joined the team. Every penny Chunhui Children raises helps make a difference in the lives of children. I know that I will grow along with the children and that Chunhui’s work will thrive.”

Ms. Xing holds a Bachelor's Degree in Foreign Languages and a Master's Degree in Communications & Journalism from mainland China and Hong Kong respectively. She then moved to Canada where she received her second Bachelor’s Degree, a Bachelor of Computer Sciences, and worked at Shaw Cable Corp, the largest telecomm company in Western Canada. She also became a passionate volunteer for immigration associations, helping new immigrants settle in Canada.

Akina Shen

DDeputy Secretary General

Since the day when I began to know the community development theory, I was attracted by a lot of NGOs which are deeply focusing on their programs on a down-to-earth manner. I began to choose NGO as my career. Meanwhile, children’s welfare is a special interest for me because I want to help them seek for a better well-being. I have been convinced that children are such a valuable asset for us to invest no matter for personal or the country’s future. Someone told me that I can’t change the world by serving the children, but I know the world of the children I’m working with are changing. The children that Chunhui are helping are special. I would like to take my effort to do everything for them. I’m looking forward to being with the children and Chunhui.

Ms. Shen has over 15 years of experience in development in the NGO field in a variety of settings. Her expertise encompasses organizational strategic planning, communications and fundraising, government relationship management, program design, management and evaluation. She and her team coordinated and managed various NGO programs in different areas of China which served/s children’s lack of quality education, daily caring and health care, as well as people stricken by poverty, individuals infected by HIV/AIDs, and illiterate rural women since 2001. She was enrolled in the Hubert H. Humphrey Program that was supported by the US State Department in 2013 and studied at Vanderbilt University for one year, focusing on education policy, administration and leadership. She is passionate about working for the welfare of children and their healthy development. In September of 2017, she joined Chunhui Bo’Ai Children’s Foundation to continuously serve disadvantaged children and make a difference in their lives.

Caihua Cheng

Chief Finance Officer, Chunhui Children

Cheng Caihua is certified public accountant and valuer. With years' experience working in accounting firms, she joined Chunhui Children in May 2015. Cheng Caihua is currently Chief Financial Officer of Chunhui Children.

Crystal Zhang

Operation Director


Development Team

Simo Li

Fundraising Director

“I started off my career with philanthropy, all the way engaging in child welfare programs and fund-raising. This gave me opportunities to witness the growth and transformation of philanthropy in China in the past ten years. As mother of a five-year-old daughter, I believe Chunhui concepts not only benefit my child, but help bring more love and attention to China’s marginalized children. Mostly driven by Chunhui‘s professionalism and commitment, I joined the foundation. I’ll always stay true to my heart, growing and going where my passion leads me.”

Simo Li spent many years studying in Australia for her Bachelor of Business Administration and International Business Master Degrees. She served as program officer with the Overseas Office, China Youth Development Foundation, working on implementation of international cooperation and hope projects. After that she joined Teach for China as a fundraising director.

Amy Xiao

Crowdfunding Senior Manager

“I started as a receptionist and had the honor of becoming a coordinator in our development department. I learned a great deal through my work with children's progress reports. I learned about special needs, how to care for the children, and got attached to them as I read about their daily lives and all their interesting stories. I am honored to be part of the Chunhui Children’s development team. I highly value Chunhui’s life-changing programs and I am committed to helping make the future brighter for China’s at-risk children.”

Amy holds a Bachelor of Science in Visual and Performing Arts from the Southwest University for Nationalities.

Jessica Li

Fundraising Senior Manager (Shanghai)

“I am very lucky to embark on my career in philanthropy from Chunhui. I see great possibilities of the orphans who become much happier in Chunhui programs because Chunhui Mamas take good care of them. I find it very meaningful. I wish to build a bridge between the sponsors and the beneficiaries for them to get to know more about each other, and everyone can reap a benefit from that! In the meantime, I hope I can combine my experience in business and philanthropy perfectly and contribute my strengths to positive changes in the society!”

Jessica Li, Senior Manager of Development, is based in Shanghai. She was born in Northeast of China, and studied and lived in the UK since her teenage years. She obtained a Master Degree in Economics and Finance from University of Edinburgh. Since 2009, she returned to China and worked in multi-national and top 500 companies which enriched her experience in investment management, financing and business development. Before entering philanthropy, she has been thinking of ways to participate effectively in solving problems of society. She had been an active volunteer for various NGOs such as World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Green Peace. She feels honored to start her philanthropy journey with Chunhui. She hopes that she can incorporate her business experience into philanthropy and bring a positive impact to society. By joining Chunhui, she would like to contribute her efforts to improve the most vulnerable children’s lives.

Sunny Wang

Fundraising Senior Manager

“I was born and grew up in a loving family. With my parents' education and love, I am thankful to be able to step out from the little countryside to the world. As a beneficiary of family education, I am well aware that early education plays a decisive role in the growth of children and I am always willing to create a loving environment for more children. I feel honored to work in Chunhui, working for love, and working to achieve the vision together.”

Sunny Wang received a National Social Worker Certificate (junior level). She graduated from the University of Bristol in 2015, with a Master’s Degree in Public Policy. She joined Chunhui in 2017 and has past experience working in both the government and business sectors.”

Nancy Li

Fundraising Manager

“I used to work in another organization and as part of my work had the opportunity to visit many orphanages. I found Half the Sky everywhere… a reading room, a game room, big slides… I have seen the big smile on the kids’ faces when they are ‘with’ Half the Sky. I have to say I had fallen in love with our organization much earlier than I joined it. I have a two-year-old boy, he is so cute and I love him so much. His happiness reminds me of the kids deprived of love. I always wanted to do something for them. I am so lucky to be the operation manager in Half the Sky (One Sky) and finally work for them.”

Iris Huang

Communications Coordinator

“I gave my earliest attention to philanthropy in the summer of 2008, when nationwide relief and support were rolling in earthquake-hit Wenchuan. Many of the supporters were charity foundations. So, inspired by them, I majored in social work at university which brought me into direct contact with the most vulnerable groups. Drawn by Chunhui’s programs and touched by how they have transformed lives more than we could imagine, I joined the foundation, ready to be a voice for them with my pen and help them create a brighter future.”

Iris Huang is the Chunhui Communications Coordinator. She obtained her Master’s Degree from China Youth University in Political Studies and worked as an intern social worker in Hong Kong. While in university, she won a number of awards, engaged in research and survey projects, and outside of class volunteered to help children of migrant workers with academic studies.

Belle Dai

Development Assistant

“Before joining Chunhui Children’s Foundation, I worked in science and technology and public relations companies, and I had no idea about philanthropy. I feel honored to join Chunhui and witness first-hand the real changes we bring to orphans. This also inspires me, and changes my opinions about philanthropy. And now, I am confident of Chunhui Children’s work.”