Chunhui Training

Sponsor the Chunhui Seed Initiative

Help Social Welfare Institutions create programs of their own that incorporate Chunhui’s best practice childcare at RMB180,000 a year. 20% is for Chunhui Mamas' stipend, 20% is for preschool teachers' stipend, 20% is for mentors' stipend, and 40% is for special education teachers' stipend.

¥180,000RMB per year

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Chunhui's Training program sets out to ensure that every institutionalized orphan has a professionally-trained and loving adult in her life who provides family-like nurturing. To date, more than 15,000 caregivers have been trained. Highly regarded by the government, the Ministry of Civil Affairs invited Half the Sky (now in partnership with Chunhui Children) in 2011 to provide training for leaders and caregivers in all state-run child welfare institutions. In 2014, we also introduced our Seed Initiative through which Chunhui provides training for institutions that wish to incorporate Chunhui’s approach of responsive care into their own programs. Over three years, we help ensure that what their caregivers learn is implemented in the long term, so that together, we can change lives.