Our Professionalism

Professionally-Developed Programs

Our research-based programs are developed in China by Half the Sky with a team of leading child development experts and educators from around the world. All our programs incorporate three core principles: responsive care, attachment and a rich learning environment. These principles work synergistically to form a best practice childcare method that radically improves a child’s development, enhances her sense of self and vastly improves her prospect for a healthy, productive life.

Consistent and Sustainable

To ensure that each child is given consistent care and nurturing, Chunhui Children recruits committed local people and trains them to become professional nannies, teachers, mentors and foster parents who provide family-like nurturing. Our children to caregiver ratio is four children to one adult in the Chunhui Baby Program; six children to one adult in Chunhui Preschools; ten children to one adult in the Chunhui Youth Program; and four specialneeds children with two parents in each Chunhui Family. This group of professionally trained loving full-time staff are called “Chunhui Mamas" and "Chunhui Babas".

No program can replace a stable and loving family, but our caregivers offer the next best thing. It has been scientifically proven that a caregiver does not have to be biologically related to the child to provide the critical developmental benefits of growing up in a loving family if she is professionally trained in, and consistently follow our Best Practice Childcare method. Today, our team includes more than 1,440 staff ranging from caregivers to supervisory program directors who operate programs in 53 cities, 27 provinces, and a medical care home in Beijing.

Mentoring, Supervision and Evaluation

We have established layers of supervision that provide checks and balances to maintain program quality. Eight Directors oversee our programs nationally. In each province where we work, depending upon the demands of that province, we station one or two Child Development Experts responsible for training and mentoring throughout the province. Each program location is staffed by an on-site Supervisor. Each program site is evaluated every two years by our senior program directors. Evaluation results provide the basis for needs analysis and program improvement.

Training and Development

We offer professional development for all caregivers in China. Caregivers can participate in classroom training provided by qualified professional educators, receive onsite support and assistance, and learn from one another through our proprietary distant learning courses.

To ensure they are well-informed and equipped to implement the latest child development research, our trainers and experts attend workshops and trainings throughout the year.

Financial Transparency and Accountability

As the only Chinese partner of Half the Sky, a global network focused on improving the lives of underprivileged children, Chunhui Children holds itself to the highest financial management standards.

A Message from PricewaterhouseCoopers:

PwC China is proud to be providing internal control and tax advisory services to ChunHui Bo'Ai in order to assist ChunHui with their efforts in forming an organization with sound management and governance to meet the expectation of their donors and stakeholders. We commend Chunhui in their efforts to pursue transparency in their operations and hope that the services we provided serve to support them on this important journey.