Chunhui Preschools

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You can support a Chunhui preschooler for an entire year with RMB6,800. 75% is for preschool teachers' stipend, 15% is for supervisors' stipend, and 10% is for documentation.

¥6,800RMB per year

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Chunhui Preschools prepare 3-7 year-old children for mainstream elementary and special education schools. Trained teachers, who are either university or early childhood development graduates, use a unique and progressive curriculum that blends principles of the Western Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education with contemporary Chinese teaching methods. Special areas are designed for art projects, music, reading, imaginary play, and developing motor skills. Like the approach employed in the Chunhui Babies program, teachers endeavor to understand the interests of each child before developing individualized curriculum and projects based on those interests. Each teacher takes care of up to six children.