Our Origin

In years leading up to 2014, Half the Sky’s programs impacted the lives of over 122,000 children with over 11,700 professionally trained caregivers throughout China. By to 2015, Half the Sky and Chunhui, together, fundraised over RMB330 million, mostly from foreign countries to support this important cause.

However, the ultimate goal has always been to pass the torch onto the Chinese people. Prosperous China is now ready to enter into a new era of philanthropy. Chunhui Children was registered in Beijing in 2012 as an entirely Chinese foundation with its own board of directors and charter. Since then, it has become Chunhui Children’s responsibility to continue and to expand Half the Sky’s work. With Chunhui Children, we are now taking care of our own.

Inheriting Half the Sky’s programs, best practices and financial transparency, Chunhui Children enables Chinese corporations, local offices of foreign firms and Chinese individuals to invest in the future of the country’s most vulnerable young citizens. Benevolent Chinese can now be a part of Chunhui Children’s work of expanding Half the Sky-inspired programs to millions more under-privileged children in China who should not be left alone.