A Message from Our Chairman

Wang Zhenyao


Wang Zhenyao

Chairman, Chunhui Children

Dean, Beijing Normal University One Foundation Philanthropy Research Institute

Professor, Beijing Normal University, Social Development and Public Policy Institute

Former Director-General of the Department of Social Welfare at China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs

Dearest Friends,

It is far from enough to provide children with food and clothing. Every child needs daily love and care from one person she can learn to trust.

Millions of disadvantaged children, however, never receive such loving care.

Now they can. Chunhui Children is committed to providing nurturing care and education for at risk children. We know children need more than food and clothing. We know they need love and support to develop their full potential so they can have a chance at a healthy life and a bright future.

In 1998, our sister organization Half the Sky was born, and since then has been serving Chinese orphans. We have proudly inherited Half the Sky’s proven practices. Our programs combine Western education philosophy that focuses on individual development of the “whole child” and Chinese teaching guidelines in the arts, sciences, language, social development and health education.  In addition, our China Care Home works with the Tomorrow Plan to help children with life-threatening diseases, providing them with individualized treatment plans and around-the-clock post-surgical care to help them rehabilitate.

In 2012, Chunhui Children was officially registered as a charity in Beijing, a charity that, like our sister organization Half the Sky, is committed to financial transparency and accountability to our donors. Now Chinese citizens have the opportunity to support our work for China’s children.

Please join us. Together we can witness how our love can fundamentally change the life of a child.

Because of you, they are not alone.

Wang Zhenyao