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With RMB18,600 a year, you can help support four children in a Chunhui Family.

¥18,600RMB per year

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Foster families are the best way to raise our young. Unfortunately, some orphaned children with more severe special needs may not have a fair chance of being adopted. They too, belong in loving families. Therefore, each Chunhui Family includes up to four children who are unlikely to be adopted, a stay-at-home mom and a working dad. Our Chunhui Families live in apartments provided by the supporting institution. The apartments are on or adjacent to the institution’s premises so our families have easy access to the facilities and services available to them, including Chunhui Programs. Chunhui Families’ foster parents are long-married, empty-nest couples who are committed to raising the children until they are adults. Each apartment block is assigned a Chunhui supervisor who provides the necessary support and counsel to each family.