Child Development Team

Child Development Management Team

Zhou Dan

Program Officer

In 2002, I witnessed how our sister organization Half the Sky's best practices for nurturing care changed institutionalized children. They become more confident and their potential was unleashed. In my position, I met childcare professionals and child development experts and with them, learned more about how to provide the best possible care for the children. And my guiding principle is that children are the sun in my life and I always try my best to bring as much joy and hope to them as I can.

Zhou Dan holds a Bachelor's Degree in Law Studies from the Party School of the CPC Central Committee. While working in child welfare institutions, she was named Outstanding Family Planning Manager for 10 consecutive years, and was elected one of the top 10 model women workers by the Chenzhou Federation of Trade Unions.

Zhang Yuxia

Administrative Director, Chunhui Training

I worked in a social welfare institution for 37 years. I still remember the first time I started working there. When I saw the children who lay on their small beds and cried for help, I couldn't stop my tears. I wanted to help them, give them love and warmth, and enable them to experience happiness. I started as a caregiver and step-by-step, I became the director of an institution. Thankfully, I learned the new concepts of nurturing and education along the way. The children have been and still are a very important part of my life.

Zhang Yuxia holds a Bachelor's Degree from Anhui University of Science and Management. She joined Chunhui Children as the Program Director of Chunhui Families, and now serves as the Administrative Director of Chunhui Training.

Liu Shan

Director, China Care Home

I have witnessed the development of Chunhui Children and its sister organization Half the Sky as I myself have progressed from nanny to supervisor, field trainer and Director. The children taught me the importance of a nanny. I felt especially moved when I heard their laughter and saw the attachment they expressed with their eyes. I have found a sense of belonging here.

Liu Shan joined Chunhui Children's China Care Home in 2013 as its Operations Director.

Wei Guorong

Senior rehabilitation consultant, Academic director

Wei has spent over 30 years promoting rehabilitation and development of children with special needs. “While working with children that need special care, I was honored with opportunities connecting me to Half the Sky, and have come to identify with its vision and mission. It is my heartfelt wish that I use all my expertise and loving care to help create an enriching environment for the needy children so that these little angels whose wings were once broken by a twist of fate could, like any child their age, have hopes for a happy and healthy future. ”

Professor Wei Guorong is senior physiotherapist, senior rehabilitation consultant and academic director of Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation. She earned her master degree in disability studies from London University and master of medicine from Hebei Medical University. With some 30 years’ experience in rehabilitation service, Wei had quite a number of publications, engaged in design and evaluation of multiple major domestic and international rehabilitation programs, and shared in a good many international academic conferences. She served as sports therapy director, Hebei General Hospital; early intervention director of Malaysia Center for Spastic Children; director of child rehabilitation teaching and research office, Hebei Medical University. She’s also member to Physiotherapist Certification Committee and Child Rehabilitation Committee of Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, and National Teaching Instruction Committee of Civil Affairs Vocational Education.

Jasmine Xu

Associate Director, Professional Development

I had heard about orphans, but I didn’t know anything about their lives. When I went to an institution for the first time, I saw many babies lying in their cribs and reaching out their small hands. I put my forefinger in the palm of one baby who held it for a long time seemingly crying out for my love. I couldn’t help crying. At that time, I told myself I must help those children. In fact, the children help me more than I help them because they make my life more complete and meaningful.

During 2006 to 2013, Jasmine Xu worked at Half the Sky as the Assistant Coordinator, Coordinator of Youth Services, Senior Program Coordinator and Professional Development Manager. She joined CHBA in 2014 and now is the Associate Director, Professional Development. She holds a Bachelor of Business English from University of International Business and Economics, and is a certified Professional Trainer by CIIC.

Senior Consultants

Li Daoxin

Senior Consultant, Chunhui Babies

I have spent more than 30 years working with institutionalized children and it's their sincere laughter and smiles that keep me going and make me happy.

Li Daoxin has been working in our infant program since 2000. She started work as a mentor, was promoted to field trainer in 2004, Associate Director in 2008, and has been serving as the Chunhui Babies Program Director since 2011.

Du Xiurong

Senior Consultant, Chunhui Preschools

I wouldn't have completed my education without help from my teachers and schoolmates. They lended me a hand when I was a little girl in need. That's why in 1996, while watching a television report about orphaned children, it became clear to me that I wanted to devote my whole life to helping them.

Du Xiurong holds a Bachelor's Degree in Preschool Education from Shandong Normal University and furthered her studies in special needs at the East China Normal University. She started her career at the Chuzhou SWI in Anhui Province in 1998 and has grown within our preschool program and is now Program Director for Chunhui Preschools.

Wang Li

Senior Consultant, Chunhui Youth

I am in awe of the programs and concepts that we bring to the institutions. These concepts are based on the needs and interests of the children and aim to develop their full potential. I am determined to use what I had learned to help the children grow up happy and confident, and I am motivated to always being there for them in the years to come.

From 1998 to 2008, Wang Li worked on psychological counseling, rehabilitation and career mentoring as a volunteer for the disabled. She established an online volunteering network, which reached 30 countries worldwide and allowed 1,000 physically challenged individuals to receive services. Wang Li was named one of the 10 "Most Outstanding Youth" of China. She holds a National Counselor Certificate in psychology and marriage.

Wang Weiling

Senior Consultant, Chunhui Families

Working at Chunhui has taught me to listen to the children with patience, love, respect and trust. It has taught me that everyone can get closer to their goals when they work hard. It has taught me that individual effort is important, but that we can achieve even more by working as a team. I feel honored to be a member of this family.

Wang Weiling has dedicated her career to helping others, as a nurse, a teacher and a China representative for the American Children's Alliance. She currently serves as the Program Director of Chunhui Families.

Child Development Consultants and Field Trainers

Xiao Jin

Child Development Consultant for Hunan Province

In 2009, I decided to undergo professional training and became a field trainer for Chunhui Youth. This job meant a lot to me. Seeing the changes in the children was very rewarding. I saw them grow. They became confident, bright, and began to pursue their own interests. They started taking the initiative to learn. They set goals for their own lives. Now, in my new role as a provincial Child Development Consultant, I spread Chunhui's concepts to even more people, and touch more lives.

Xiao Jin holds a Master's Degree in Foreign Philosophy and Sociology from Xiangtan University. She has worked as a Field Trainer, Program Quality Manager and Sports Program Manager in our youth program. She now serves as the Child Development Consultant for Hunan Province.

Xu Jing

Program Assistant, Chunhui Youth

Chunhui's work and impact on the children is growing. Children are now following their dreams and by working at Chunhui, I am also following my mine.

Xu Jing holds a second-degree national Psychology Consultant certificate. She has worked as a youth mentor, a field trainer and now serves as a program assistant in our youth program.