Help for the Children in Ya'an

Many thanks to everyone who reached out to help the children after an earthquake once again shook Sichuan Province in April. This time the epicenter of the quake was Ya’an, Lushang County, a remote area of southwestern Sichuan. ChunHui Bo’Ai began providing comfort in crisis through private and corporate donors soon after the quake. Immediately after the April quake, ChunHui Bo’Ai staff in Beijing contacted the Ya’an Social Welfare Institution and learned that the institution’s children needed pillows, quilts, blankets, washing machines, disinfection cabinets, induction cookers, children’s sneakers, mosquito nets, computers, TV, etc.

Help the Sichuan Quake's Youngest Victims

Dear Friends,

Once again the images from a remote area in southwestern Sichuan Province are heartbreaking.

Only five years after the devastating 8.0 Wenchuan earthquake killed more than 70,000 people, many of them children, and left millions homeless, another earthquake has struck Sichuan. This time the epicenter was Lushan County near the city of Ya'an, an area known for ancient tea plants, giant pandas, and now, sadly, shattered lives and homes in the wake of the quake.

An Alliance for Charity

ChunHui Bo'ai Secretary General and Half the Sky’s Senior Executive Consultant Zhang Zhirong (ZZ) and ChunHui Bo'ai and Half the Sky Chief Operating Officer Rachel Xing recently attended the first general assembly of the China Charity Alliance at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. The China Charity Alliance is a newly established coalition of 62 individuals and 102 organizations united in their mission to promote financially transparent philanthropy in China and to protect the rights of those working in the philanthropic sector.

Bougainvillea in Spring

Although Beijing this March was still as cold as winter, Guangzhou, where I recently traveled for 11 days of program staff training, already smells like spring. While in Guangzhou, I interviewed, Fu Jie, a Half the Sky Youth Services Mentor who recently became a field trainer as well. When she stood outside for a photo, her smile, set off by the rich colors of a bougainvillea in full bloom, looked even more beautiful. It was hard for me to imagine that this self-assured young lady with a radiant smile had grown up in an orphanage:

PengPeng, You Are Fantastic!

I became ZhiPeng’s nanny when he was only 10 days old. My nickname for him is Pengpeng.

Every day in the morning, the first thing I do when I enter the activity room is to look for Pengpeng so I can hold him in my arms. PengPeng loves when I hold him and smiles and kisses me every day. Pengpeng is now 2 years old and he has made tremendous progress since he came to the program.

A Tough Little Girl Who Never Gives Up

8-year-old HuaMei is full of smiles, but that has not always been the case.

Three years ago, during an outdoor activity, HuaMei saw the children running in front of her while she could only follow slowly with a walking aid because of her club feet. She tried to catch up, but ended up losing her balance and falling to the ground. The cold, hard cement hurt her and hurt her heart as well. She cried sadly.

When the teacher and other children ran to help her stand up, she just went to the corner without speaking a word. From that day on, HuaMei refused to participate in any outdoor activities. All the teachers were anxious when they saw HuaMei was feeling so upset and so depressed.

A Nanny's Love

When I became a nanny in the orphanage, I thought my work was nothing more than ensuring the children do not get hungry and cold. I thought taking care of babies was easy.

However, my understanding changed after I attended Half the Sky’s training before I started my job. And when I actually started my work, I learned and gained even more understanding. Every day I see how important it is to give children love, especially the love of a mother.

A Day in the Countryside

Children who do not live in orphanages can start taking excursions for granted, but our children do not. One day we gathered all the children in our Little Sisters Preschool and took them to the countryside. It was the first time the children had ever been to the country and they were so excited!

Lucky Girl

When YeXiao arrived at the orphanage she was only a few days old and was wrapped tightly in a blanket. At first I only saw her eyes, which looked glazed over. Then I held her in my arms and was surprised by how thin and light she was. She looked so fragile and she weighed only 1.75 kg!

Our staff observed her closely and she received a complete medical examination as well. When the doctors concluded that she was a healthy baby, everyone on our staff was relieved and everyone on our staff watched her get stronger every day.

I Will Continue to Draw!

Five years ago, I was on track to go to school. But then I was assigned to another lower-level class for children who were considered not qualified enough to go to school. I was hurt and found it hard to accept that change.

But after awhile, I realized that my teacher was very nice and understanding and that the children were friendly. Even better, the class gave me the opportunity to attend art classes. I love to draw! I have loved it from the very first class I took.

During the first drawing class, the teacher asked us to draw our friends on the floor while listening to the music. This was nothing like the classes I had ever had. I loved the way the teacher taught.