Three in a Row for adidas China and Jeremy Lin to Drive CSR through Basketball

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SHANGHAI, June 23, 2016–NBA star Jeremy Lin joined adidas’ Special Youth Coaching Program today for a morning that 30 kids from the Nanjing Child Welfare Institution will never forget. Today’s event in Shanghai saw the adidas ambassador take to the court for a spot of coaching and interactive play with these special needs children. The third collaboration of its kind between adidas and Lin, today’s event served as yet another example of adidas Group’s ongoing commitment to community investment in China

What is the best gift on Mother’s Day?

viagra for women For the coming Mother’s Day, remember to tell your mom how much you love her. Meanwhile, we sincerely invite you to find out more about the work of our “Chunhui Mamas”. To send “Chunhui Mamas” the best gifts is to support our crowd fundraising campaign on Tencent Donations - Chunhui’s account under China Charities Aid Foundation for Children.

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Star Wars Force for Change!


On May 4, super star Jackie Chan, together with several others will join Star Wars fans in fundraising effort for Chunhui Children Foundation! Over the last 30 years, Star Wars fans have always promoted the spirit of charity and have volunteered their time to raise millions of dollars for many charitable organizations worldwide. This has inspired Walt Disney and Lucas Film to launch a worldwide charity campaign “Force for Change”, raising funds for vulnerable children and changing their lives while Star Wars fans chant “May the Force be with you!” every year on May 4

Chunhui Children Secretary-General Zhang Zhirong Attended the Doctors’ Operations Donation Conference

ed pills that work On April 20, 2016, Chunhui Children Foundation’s Secretary-General Zhang Zhirong spoke at the Doctors’ Operations Donation Conference at the Great Hall of the People. This platform will provide Chunhui Children with more doctors’ resources for the Chunhui China Care Home in Beijing, thus providing access to better medical treatment for orphans coming from various child welfare institutions across the country.

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Run for Love

Run for Love


——Join Us in the 2015 Dishuihu
24 Hours Charity Run on1 October  

Nowadays, charity and sports are like Darby and Joan---BUT!

It is so hard to get registered for those official marathons order Prandin.

It is even harder to organize your own charity run! And…imagine running in a race not alone but with a group of friends; Or having your entourage of cheerleaders and fans holding up your posters and cheering you on!

ed pills Now pennies from heaven---here comes the 2015 Dishuihu24 Hours Charity Run!Chunhui Children invites you to join us on 1 October!




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3月25日,杭州雪狼软件《仙途2》的公测新闻发布会正西溪湿地公园里举行。 Effexor for sale

buy xanax 雪狼软件CEO、《仙途2》游戏制作人秦玉表示,《仙途2》与其他游戏不同的地方是《仙途2》更多是的“爱·光明·喜悦”。这体现在游戏本身公平的竞技、轻松的环境、萌系的表现等元素。希望能给玩家不同的游戏体验。

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游戏可以让人“愉悦”,公益可以让人第一时间感受到“爱”,两者可以完美的结合起来,让人最直接的感觉到“爱”和“幸福”,当游戏成为传播“快乐”和“爱”的通道时才会更加能体验到游戏中的美乐。 levita

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