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My heartfelt wish for JingJing

JingJing, who was born with congenital heart disease, was abandoned at 4 months. He was discovered by the police and brought to the institution. A month later, he was enrolled in our Infant Nurture program. When he first came to us, JingJing weighed only 5.5 kg. He was very thin, and his neck wasn’t strong enough to keep his head upright. When I held him, I swore I would do my best to care for him and help him thrive.

A Mischievous Musician!

If you ever cross paths with sweet little Hanting, you should know two things: she is a very determined two-year old, and she is equally mischievous!

As a baby in the Infant Nurture Program, Hanting was often seen taking her nanny’s hand trying her best to lead her to the activity room. When she would set her mind to something, like going to play outside, nothing would stop her… not even a toy! She would cry until she saw her nanny with the stroller, and then smile.

Loving Junpeng

Junpeng was just five months old when he entered Infant Nurture Program and met Nanny Shang. The first time she held the little boy, who was developmentally delayed, in her arms, she told him softly, “I will take very good care of you.” It didn’t take long before he was firmly attached to her. When she entered the room, his face would light up. When he was tired or irritable, only she could calm him with hugs and kisses. When she paid attention to other children, he was very jealous. But when she danced with him, he would laugh so hard you could see all six of his brand new teeth. He was no longer alone in the world.

Wenjie's Recovery

When two and a half year old Wenje returned to the institution after having surgery for hydrocephalus (a buildup of fluid inside the skull) he was sad.

In order to help him with his transition back to the institution, his nanny spent lots of time holding him in her arms and speaking lovingly to him. She also took him to the activity room every day, where they read books and played games together.

PengPeng, You Are Fantastic!

I became ZhiPeng’s nanny when he was only 10 days old. My nickname for him is Pengpeng.

Every day in the morning, the first thing I do when I enter the activity room is to look for Pengpeng so I can hold him in my arms. PengPeng loves when I hold him and smiles and kisses me every day. Pengpeng is now 2 years old and he has made tremendous progress since he came to the program.

A Nanny's Love

When I became a nanny in the orphanage, I thought my work was nothing more than ensuring the children do not get hungry and cold. I thought taking care of babies was easy.

However, my understanding changed after I attended Half the Sky’s training before I started my job. And when I actually started my work, I learned and gained even more understanding. Every day I see how important it is to give children love, especially the love of a mother.

Lucky Girl

When YeXiao arrived at the orphanage she was only a few days old and was wrapped tightly in a blanket. At first I only saw her eyes, which looked glazed over. Then I held her in my arms and was surprised by how thin and light she was. She looked so fragile and she weighed only 1.75 kg!

Our staff observed her closely and she received a complete medical examination as well. When the doctors concluded that she was a healthy baby, everyone on our staff was relieved and everyone on our staff watched her get stronger every day.

An Active, Happy Boy

ZhiYing is an adorable boy. When he arrived in our Infant Nurture Program in the fall of 2011 he was eight months old and extremely thin and pale. Three months later he was plump and healthy!

When ZhiYing was about one year old, he started earning his nickname, “mischievous boy.”  Sometimes when his nanny was feeding another baby, ZhiYing would stare at the bottle. Then when the nanny was a little distracted, he would grab the bottle and suck some milk quickly and then put it back into the baby's mouth. If the nanny saw him holding the bottle, he would smile his mischievous smile and put the milk bottle back before he drank some.