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Star Wars Force for Change!


On May 4, super star Jackie Chan, together with several others will join Star Wars fans in fundraising effort for Chunhui Children Foundation! Over the last 30 years, Star Wars fans have always promoted the spirit of charity and have volunteered their time to raise millions of dollars for many charitable organizations worldwide. This has inspired Walt Disney and Lucas Film to launch a worldwide charity campaign “Force for Change”, raising funds for vulnerable children and changing their lives while Star Wars fans chant “May the Force be with you!” every year on May 4.

Run for Love

Run for Love


——Join Us in the 2015 Dishuihu
24 Hours Charity Run on1 October


Nowadays, charity and sports are like Darby and Joan---BUT!

It is so hard to get registered for those official marathons.

It is even harder to organize your own charity run! 

And…imagine running in a race not alone but with a group of friends;

Or having your entourage of cheerleaders and fans holding up your posters and cheering you on!

Now pennies from heaven---here comes the 2015 Dishuihu24 Hours Charity Run!Chunhui Children invites you to join us on 1 October!

Chunhui Children’s Foundation Successful Fundraising Gala

Love passed on from Half the Sky Foundation (HTS) to Chunhui Children’s Foundation (CHBA) as Chunhui gradually takes over Half the Sky’s programs.
Beijing—2013-9-6. Chunhui's first Annual Gala took place on September 6th . Hosted by famous Chinese MC Ms. Yang Lan and Mr. Cui Yongyuan, 260 honored guests attended the successful event that marked Chunhui’s public debut as a foundation dedicated to providing care for China’s disadvantaged children.

A Beijing Photo Walks Scavenger Hunt

Beijing Photo Walks, a photography club in Beijing with over 200 members, held its first Photo Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, 22 June. 16 participants took part in this exciting event that raised 2,500 RMB ($408) for ChunHui Bo’Ai Children’s Foundation’s programs for disadvantaged children.

ChunHui’s advancement manager Peggy Peng, finance controler Theresa Wang, and program manager Elizabeth Tang were invited to the event to represent the Foundation. Peggy gave a short presentation about ChunHui’s history and programs. Many kind hearted participants asked questions after the presentation that Peggy was happy to answer.

An Alliance for Charity

ChunHui Bo'ai Secretary General and Half the Sky’s Senior Executive Consultant Zhang Zhirong (ZZ) and ChunHui Bo'ai and Half the Sky Chief Operating Officer Rachel Xing recently attended the first general assembly of the China Charity Alliance at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. The China Charity Alliance is a newly established coalition of 62 individuals and 102 organizations united in their mission to promote financially transparent philanthropy in China and to protect the rights of those working in the philanthropic sector.