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GuMin the Brave!

These days, five-year-old GuMin is a lively boy with sparkling eyes, but on his first day in the Little Sisters Preschool class, he was so scared he just sat on a chair and looked around him with big, fearful eyes. Even when his classmates and I tried to interest him in a toy or activity, he didn’t say a word.

To help him become familiar with this new environment and feel more secure, I played games with him each day and we had a snack together. Gradually, he began to trust me and become attached to me. One day, at snack time, he asked me for an apple. I was so happy. He was talking!

A Smile in Everyone's Heart

Four-year-old Caishu is a beloved member of her Sisters Preschool class. Although she is deaf and does not speak, her eyes communicate volumes about her spirited intelligence. Wherever she goes, her smile lights up the room.

Caishu wasn’t always a secure and happy child. When she first entered the Little Sisters Program at her institution, she was scared and shut down. Her face registered almost no expression and she pulled away from anyone who came close. She was unable to communicate her most basic needs, such as needing to use the bathroom.

Loving Junpeng

Junpeng was just five months old when he entered Infant Nurture Program and met Nanny Shang. The first time she held the little boy, who was developmentally delayed, in her arms, she told him softly, “I will take very good care of you.” It didn’t take long before he was firmly attached to her. When she entered the room, his face would light up. When he was tired or irritable, only she could calm him with hugs and kisses. When she paid attention to other children, he was very jealous. But when she danced with him, he would laugh so hard you could see all six of his brand new teeth. He was no longer alone in the world.

In BingBing's Hands

I met BingBing the day she started preschool. All the other children gathered around her and wanted to shake hands with her. But she hid her hands behind her back and looked like she would cry. She was born with cleft hands.

At first, BingBing would not participate in any activities. But I stayed beside her. One day, when the children were doing an art activity, I put a small bowl of glue near her and asked her, “What does it feel like?” She touched the glue and drew her hand back quickly. “Is it sticky?” I prodded. This time when she touched it, she did not pull away. Instead, she smiled and nodded.

A Tough Little Girl Who Never Gives Up

8-year-old HuaMei is full of smiles, but that has not always been the case.

Three years ago, during an outdoor activity, HuaMei saw the children running in front of her while she could only follow slowly with a walking aid because of her club feet. She tried to catch up, but ended up losing her balance and falling to the ground. The cold, hard cement hurt her and hurt her heart as well. She cried sadly.

When the teacher and other children ran to help her stand up, she just went to the corner without speaking a word. From that day on, HuaMei refused to participate in any outdoor activities. All the teachers were anxious when they saw HuaMei was feeling so upset and so depressed.