News for 2017

Chunhui Donated to Children on June 1

On June 1 Children’s Day, Chunhui Children’s Secretary-General Zhang Zhirong, Deputy Secretary-General Rachel and China Care Home Director Liu Shan, together with two administrators of Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau (BCAB), presented themselves at Beijing Relief Center for the Under-aged for a donation campaign themed “Let Your Dreams Fly; Let Your Future Thrive” and hosted by the Charity Office, BCAB. CH was among five charities that donated 20,000 RMB worth of books, stationary, toys, clothes, and food to the Center. After the donation, the charities enjoyed performances by the children there, threw a group birthday party for them and took photos to mark these loving moments.

Stars Call for Motherly Love for Orphaned Children on Mother’s Day

May 15, Beijing——Mother’s Day, pop Chinese singers Leehom Wang, MoMo Wu and actress Tao Hong, joining hands with Chunhui Children (“CH” for short), spoke up for motherless children who failed to deliver their Mother Day gift, not because they didn’t want to, but because they couldn’t. They invited provision of professional and loving care for these less fortunate children, the way a Chunhui mom has always been doing.  


On Jan. 23rd, the international partner of Chunhui Children —Half the Sky took part in a ceremony marking the registration of its Beijing Representative Office, by Chinese authorities.

At the ceremony, Hao Yunhong, Director of the Public Security Ministry's Overseas NGO Management Office, awarded certificates to Half the Sky and 19 other NGOs, including Worldwide Fund for Nature and Gates Foundation, who are among the first to be registered since China's Overseas NGOs' Law went into effect January 1.   

Said Hao Yunhong: "In accordance with the Law, public security authorities shall provide necessary services, protect the legal rights of overseas NGOs in China, strengthen international exchange, and play a bigger role in philanthropic development in China.”

Leehom Wang visited Chunhui orphans on Chinese New Year’s Eve

Leehom Wang, the Asian super star, has always been enthusiastic in philanthropy since his debut. He travels around the world to visit the vulnerable groups and spends festivals and holidays with orphans as much as possible. On Mother’s Day, 2015, Leehom Wang and his wife Jinglei visited a Chunhui sponsored orphanage with their own hand-made cookies to share with the orphans. On Chinese New Year’s Eve of 2016, the couple kept a low profile and came to Chunhui Children’s medical program—the China Care Home to celebrate Chinese New Year. They bought clothes and toys for the orphans in the program and made dumplings, glutinous rice balls and pasted spring couplets with Chunhui Mamas.