News for 2014

Give the gift of Chunhui Mama’s love

Dear Friends of Chunhui Children,

We are extremely grateful for your great support in year 2014! Because of you, we are not alone.

Before you leave for Christmas holidays, we would like to tell you a true story of an orphaned little girl.

A street sweeper found the baby late one morning in July. It was already blistering hot. She was tucked in a box, wrapped in a woman’s blue jacket. Only her eyes peered out. They were glazed with fear. She was silent. There was no note.

Sowing Seeds For A Brighter Future

The idea of the Seed Fund came about because directors from less well-funded orphanages experienced Chunhui’s intensive secondary Rainbow Training, and dearly wanted to do more for the children in their care. If funding permits (each project costs about $25,000), we hope to seed twenty new projects every year. Each is unique, depending on the individual needs and goals of the institution, but the training we provide is as broad and all encompassing as we can make it. Our first project site is Ulanchabu, Inner Mongolia, where we are helping to create Chunhui Families and Chunhui Youth. Kaifeng, Henan is our second.

Inspiring Change

In July, our Beijing administrative staff arrived in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, ready and excited to inspire change. Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful partners, Half the Sky Australia (HTSA), Chunhui opened its 56th Children’s Center and 24th provincial Model Center and Training Facility. For many of our Beijing staffers, this was their first time participating in the magical transformation of a build.

Although we have done this 55 times in the past, we never cease to be amazed by the speed at which transformation occurs. This time was no different!

My Years On A Muddy Road

BaiDe came into our care at the age of 11. We were thrilled to help him gain access to local schools so that he could receive a proper education. BaiDe is now 19 years old and recently shared his story:

I was born at 7 a.m. on June 14, 1995 when it was pouring rain outside and the sky was dark. The path in front of our house was muddy with only small stones on it. People could not even take a step on it. A woman in my village said: “This child's road in the future will be as muddy as this path.” I heard this story when I was five.

My heartfelt wish for JingJing

JingJing, who was born with congenital heart disease, was abandoned at 4 months. He was discovered by the police and brought to the institution. A month later, he was enrolled in our Infant Nurture program. When he first came to us, JingJing weighed only 5.5 kg. He was very thin, and his neck wasn’t strong enough to keep his head upright. When I held him, I swore I would do my best to care for him and help him thrive.

A Mischievous Musician!

If you ever cross paths with sweet little Hanting, you should know two things: she is a very determined two-year old, and she is equally mischievous!

As a baby in the Infant Nurture Program, Hanting was often seen taking her nanny’s hand trying her best to lead her to the activity room. When she would set her mind to something, like going to play outside, nothing would stop her… not even a toy! She would cry until she saw her nanny with the stroller, and then smile.

A Proud Mom Supports Her Rising Star

I was worried about my son Lei—when he first joined our family at the age of five, he was so shy, so quiet and so withdrawn.

I wanted to understand Lei better and figure out how to make him more comfortable in our family, so I interviewed his Little Sisters Preschool teacher. She told me that Lei was not at all shy in the classroom, but instead was an active and lively boy who loved to perform. Lei would even volunteer to host visitors and perform for them using a pretend microphone made of paper!

This Is My Mom

My decision to become a foster mom at ChunHui Bo'Ai’s Family Village in Jinan was instinctive. I had worked as a kindergarten teacher for four years because I love working with children. But when I heard about all the needy children living in orphanages, I decided I could accomplish more by caring for them. My son was grown up and I felt drawn to opening my home and my heart to orphaned children.